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March 1st 2020 News Updates


March 15th 2020

Not such a good night at Northampton unfortunately, track wasn't great due to recent weather etc and Luke suffered mechanical issues in his first heat which prevented him from participating in the remainder of the meeting.

Not sure at the moment if his next meeting will actually be at Mildenhall on Saturday 21st March as we are awaiting the outcome of meetings regarding the COV-19.

The meeting, which was due to take place on Sunday 22nd March at Belle Vue has already been postponed.

2020 schedule is:

29th February at Kings Lynn WCQR

14th March at Northampton
21st March at Mildenhall
22nd March at Belle Vue

4th April at Mildenhall WCQR
5th April at Northampton WCQR
13th April at Belle Vue
18th April at Kings Lynn
26th April at Belle Vue

10th May at Belle Vue
25th May at Belle Vue

18th July at Belle Vue
25th July at Northampton
26th July at Northampton

8th August at Northampton
18th August at Belle Vue
22nd August at Kings Lynn
31st August at Belle Vue

24th September at Kings Lynn

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