Name:  Ben Woodhull

Birthday: November 8th

Place of Birth: Leicester

Hometown: Leicestershire

Bike: GM / JHR Frame

Hobbies include: PS4 and Motorsports

Favourite Tracks: Belle Vue



  • 3rd overall in the 125cc Under 16 British Final in 2011
  • 2nd overall in the 125cc Under 16 British Fina lin 2012        
  • Winning a British Under 16 Youth Championship Round at Leicester in May 2014           



Ben started riding his 125cc bike on the Scunthorpe mini track in 2008, he spent approximately a year practicing and then decided to move onto the main track.

After a short while he then started to compete in the amateur series at Scunthorpe. In 2010 he competed in the British Under 16 Youth Championship on his 125cc and in his second year he came 3rd in the 125cc British Final and the following year came 2nd. 

At the start of 2013, he moved onto the 250cc class and competed in both amateur meetings and also in the British Youth Championship.

In 2014, he again rode the 250cc, but after the achievement of winning a British Round at Leicester in May, he unfortunately had a crash whilst practicing at Buxton in which he suffered a broken arm. This required an operation to insert a rod and a plate and pins in his arm, the rod has now been removed but the plate and pins still remain.

He has been riding since his recovery and has enjoyed getting back on his bike competing again.

Ben didn't really ride much in 2016, but enjoyed the racing his stoxkart which has been purchased over the winter which he enjoyed.

In 2017, he also competed in his Stoxkart, where he came 3rd in the Junior Gold Top Final.

He started the speedway season riding in the National League as Belle Vue Colts number 8. He later in the year, moved to riding for the Buxton Hitmen.

2018 he will be concentrating on speedway only and will be riding in the National League again as Belle Vue Colts at number 7.

In 2019 after enjoying a good season with the Belle Vue Colts, which saw him move up to race at number 2, Ben will again be racing for the Colts and will also again be at number 2 and is looking forward to another good year.

Ben will also be making an appearance in a Brisca F2 for at least one meeting.


Watch Ben in Practice

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